FemTech Collective Re-innovations
This form collects data for our FemTech Re-innovations database, which lists the various medical devices, technology, treatments, and pharmaceuticals in which women were excluded or not substantially represented in clinical trials or data analysis (meaning further testing would need to be done to ensure safety for women). Highlighting the gender health gaps in clinical trials, data, and education will ideally spark innovation in FemTech to create new technology that is better suited for women in these problem areas. If the global FemTech community contributes to this document over time we can start to see where our attention needs to be and what problems are still left to solve. Please feel free to share this document with your networks and hopefully, we can create a great resource for the future of FemTech globally.
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Area of research *
What area of research is lacking female representation?
Link to research study *
In this study, sex differences are not analysed and/or concludes that further research is needed to study sex differences. Study could also exclude women from clinical trials or women have been insufficiently represented.
What does this research state? *
What is the argument, treatment, diagnosis, or assumption concluded in this study?
What are the possible side effects for women? *
Has there been push backs or concerns that women are effected differently?
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