Hyperidrosis Survey
Describe how your condition affects your personal or social life? *
How does Hyperhidrosis affect performing everyday tasks? *
Have you experienced social anxiety because you fear what people might think about your condition? *
Has your doctor ever provided a possible solution towards decreasing your sweating levels? *
Have you ever done treatment to reduce your severity of hyperhidrosis? *
Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomies (ETS) involves cutting the nerves that control sweat glands in the hands and armpits located inside the rib cage. A reported 94% of people obtain satisfactory results with a decreased rate of sweating. However, 86% of patients develop compensatory hyperhidrosis where another area of the body begins to sweat. Have you ever heard of ETS? *
Botox inhibits the production of acetylcholine (neurotransmitters) prohibiting the stimulation of eccrine sweat glands for a temporary amount of time (roughly 9 months). Have you ever heard of Botox Injections? *
Based off of the success rates and possible side-effects of both ETS and Botox, which treatment would you prefer to do? *
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