Calling All Global Citizens!
This form is to sign up to either give a 3-5 min speech or intercultural performance. The speaker and performer that gets the most votes will win A FULL SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDY ABROAD during Spring Break or Summer 2021

Event Details -

Date: Wednesday, May 27th @ 2pm
Location: Virtual event on Zoom and streamed live on HISD Abroad's YouTube, IG, and Twitter accounts

The speeches and performances will be performed live, but you must submit a video of your performance or speech by May 23rd. Videos should be emailed to:

The video serves two purposes:

1. If you have technical difficulties during the event, we will play the video you submitted instead.
2. It ensures you have practiced your speech or performance.

We can only live stream 10-12 speeches or performances depending on the total length. Those that submit their videos sooner will be given priority.
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Campus Name *
If you are an HISD middle school student or a student from a different school district, state or country, let us have more information about you so we can introduce you.
Tell us the name of your school, your school district, city, state or country you are from. Include the things you'd like mentioned about you when we introduce you.
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Student ID
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Grade Level This School Year (2019-2020)
E-mail Address *
Provide us the email address you actually check! It doesn't have to be your HISD email address.
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Tell us a little about yourself so we can introduce you at the summit.
For example, you can tell us about an impactful moment in your life, if you speak any other languages, what you plan on doing after you graduate - anything that makes you, you!
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What form of expression are you signing up for? *
Performances must have a global message or promote intercultural harmony by showcasing another culture's music, dance, literary or other performing arts traditions. If you choose "other" you must provide a detailed description in the next question.
Take a moment to describe the performance or the topic of the speech you plan to give.
It's okay if you don't know yet. Ideas are funny - they come to you at the most unexpected times. Talk to your teachers, friends, parents or anyone that might help you form your thoughts.
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If you are giving a speech, what language will you give it in? *
Any language is okay - English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Mandarin, Persian, Turkish, Swahili, Portuguese , Sign Language or any other language! You will have to provide us a translation of the speech so we can upload the subtitles.
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Is there a teacher that is sponsoring/approving your speech or performance?
What is your teacher's name? If you know his/her full name, let us know. If you only know his/her last name, that's okay too.
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Comments or questions?
You can leave your comments and/or feedback here. If you or your teacher has any questions, email Kian Zare at
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