Subject Matter Expert volunteers to engage with virtual classes during COVID-19 social distancing measures
This form is to help connect subject matter experts (all areas of study) to teachers who are trying to construct virtual study content and structure.

All submissions can be viewed here:
VOLUNTEERS: Contributed information will be publically available.
TEACHERS/INVITERS: No inputs will be vetted, so you should check yourself on the credibility/feasibility/appropriateness of any volunteer for your class/group. (e.g., google the person)
EVERYONE: It is up to interested parties to make a connection and resultant arrangements.

Contact the form creator (Serina) if you have a question/concern or if you want your entry removed: sme -- covid -- 19 -- at -- gmail -- dot -- com (remove all spaces and dashes and convert 'at' and 'dot' to the symbol). Also please email her if you know of another list where people can find SMEs to give virtual talks -- those will be included on the README tab in the response spreadsheet.
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Home Institution *
Your job *
this could be your title, how you identify, or whatever conveys the right information to someone looking for a speaker
Topics you can speak about *
You can include technical topics (e.g., astrobiology, propulsion for cubesats) as well as general/non-technical topics (e.g., what it's like to work at JPL/my career path, being a woman in science). Long or short answers are fine.
I am willing/able to: *
Check all that apply
[optional] Anything else you can offer during a virtual talk (e.g., cool video, an interactive activity, etc.)
Your timezone and the hours you're generally willing/able to provide a virtual talk (e.g., 10am-12pm PDT / -7 UTC) *
Please specify if you are also available weekends. Please be careful of daylight savings vs. standard. To ensure people convert correctly, it is helpful to include hours behind UTC: e.g., HST/Hawaii Standard Time is -10 UTC, EDT/Eastern Daylight savings Time is -4 UTC.
Length of time you are willing to speak *
I am willing/able to talk to: *
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Are you interested in having your information added  to other pre-existing lists of Subject Matter Expert volunteers for virtual talks? *
Selecting 'no' will complete this form; links to the pre-existing SME volunteer lists will also be in the spreadsheet if you change your mind. Selecting 'yes' will take you to a new set of questions - you will be able to say yes or no to each individual pre-existing SME volunteer list. Within that section, ONLY if you say yes to a specific list will your information be imported over by the owners of the other list. Note that as those lists are pre-existing, they will likely list you as an SME volunteer beyond the current COVID-19 situation; and Serina has nothing to do with any of those lists. (Email the owner of this form - see instructions above - if you want to have another SME list added as an option in the next section.)
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