Suggest eligible material for the BSFA Awards 2016

Help to put together a list of 2016 material eligible for for the British Science Fiction Association Awards 2016. Doesn't matter if you're a member or convention goer, or if it's your own work, or anything like that - the idea is to produce a useful, comprehensive eligibility list. Suggestions so far are visible here:

Point out mistakes and eligibility issues using the "Correct something" option below.

Please do not offer any comments when submitting items; such comments will be deleted. Please don't write in all caps or use paragraph breaks. Submit one item at a time, or they won't sort alphabetically in the suggestions list.

If you have lots of items to submit (e.g. if you're a publisher or the editor of a magazine), you can supply them in a spreadsheet. If you have any questions email awards administrator Clare Boothby at

Also, please note this is NOT where you nominate awards. To make your final nominations go here:

What are the categories?

The Best Novel award is open to any novel-length work of science fiction or fantasy that has been published for the first time in the UK or Ireland, or works published solely in e-book format (Serialised novels are eligible, provided that the publication date of the concluding part is in the year of eligibility).

The Best Short Fiction award is open to any shorter work of science fiction or fantasy, up to and including novellas (40,000 words or under), first published in the year of eligibility (in a magazine, in a book, in audio format, or any electronic or web-based format).

The Best Artwork award is open to any single science fictional or fantastic image that first appeared in 2015. Again, provided the artwork hasn’t been published before the year of eligibility it doesn’t matter where it appears.

The Best Non-Fiction award is open to any written work about science fiction and/or fantasy which appeared in its current form in the year of eligibility. Whole collections comprised entirely of unrevised work that has been published elsewhere previous to the year of eligibility are ineligible.

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