Haiti Advocacy Working Group (HAWG) Application for Membership
Thank you for your interest in the Haiti Advocacy Working Group. After we receive your completed form, you will be referred to the membership committee (comprised of 3 active members) for a meeting to discuss your membership.
The membership committee will make the final decision about your membership status.
Rights and Responsibilities of a Member
- Join email listserve
- Post on website w/ editorial approval
- Attend monthly HAWG meetings
- Participate in or lead Subgroup meetings
- Make regular contributions to advocacy goals, including preparing materials/presentations for briefings, contributing to plenary & sub-group agendas, attending planning meetings and events, providing updates from Haitian partners, set up meetings, help draft and support timely sign on letters, etc.
- Share info & develop advocacy strategies
- Contribute to annual planning & reports
Personal Information & Contact
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Organizational affiliation
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If you do not have an organizational affiliation and are applying as an individual, please describe your interest in HAWG, your experience in Haiti, and how you want to be engaged with the HAWG (max. 150 words). *Note: As an ally you may be asked to sign a confidentiality statement*
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How did you hear about the HAWG?
Interest, Experience, and References
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Our working group focuses on advocacy to U.S. policymakers. Please explain how you or your organization engage in advocacy (max. 150 words):
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What are your top advocacy priorities for US-Haiti policy? (max. 50 words)
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In your opinion, what are the top 3 development needs in Haiti? (max. 50 words)
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Please list at least 1 current member organization of the HAWG who can serve as a reference (i.e. attest to your interest/work on Haiti): *
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