W3PL Test/Integration. Device Maker Questionnaire
One questionnaire for one device.
Brief summary of the solution. Recommend including high-level architecture and/or design docs. *
Commercial Device Name/Model *
Unique name for the device type.
Device Manufacturer *
Full company name of manufacturer
Launch Year *
The calendar year when this device was or will be released to the public.
Device Type *
Choose one from the list
Is this a New Device or an in-field upgrade of an existing device? *
Device Widevine Security Level *
OS type and version *
If Android OS, specify GMS or AOSP *
SoC vendor *
OEMCrypto version for Chipset Model *
Architecture (x86, ARM - 32 / 64 bit) *
Does the device have a secure video path? *
Is a TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) used? Provide details. *
Is HDCP supported? Specify version. *
Digital Output protection support? Specify. *
Analog Output protection support? Specify. *
Does the device have a secure bootloader? Provide details. *
Does the device have secure storage? Provide details. *
Support for AES-128 bit encryption? *
Encryption schemes supported? (CBC, CTR) *
Video Codecs Supported *
Audio Codecs Supported *
What compiler does your device toolchain use? (i.e. Clang, GCC, etc.) What version is it? Does it support C++11? Does it support C++14? *
If applicable, version of Chromium / CEF / Electron *
If applicable, browser user agent string *
Expected volume/number of devices *
Expected production launch time frame *
Device Manufacturer *
For Android, this corresponds to ro.product.manufacturer
Device Model *
For Android, this value corresponds to ro.product.model
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