Fairmont Carpool
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All carpool families will display on this map: https://goo.gl/TmniuG (NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for your submission to display on the map).

Each student is represented as a colored point on the map. Point colors and labels are based on the student's grade (there is a key in the top right corner). Clicking on a point will display parent/student names, address, phone, and email.

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Important Disclaimer, Waiver and Limitation of Liability
This Rideshare page is made available by Fairmont Schools, Inc. solely for the convenience of its students, and their parents and guardians, to facilitate their ability to arrange for and coordinate ridesharing and carpooling opportunities. Fairmont does not participate in such arrangements, nor does Fairmont engage in any background checks with respect to driving proficiency, prior driving records, licensing, insurance or any other matters. Parents should make their own inquiries and satisfy their own requirements with respect to making any rideshare or carpool arrangement. By using this web page, all users hereby confirm and acknowledge that Fairmont shall have no liability or responsibility whatsoever with respect to any such activity.

Each person using this web page or participating in any ridesharing or carpooling activity facilitated by this web page, including any parents, guardians, students or others, hereby forever releases and unconditionally holds harmless Fairmont from any liability, claims and demands of any kind whatsoever, including, but not limited to, any liability for personal injury, loss, theft or damage to my person or loss, theft or damage to my personal property or loss of income.

The user also recognizes that participation in any ridesharing or carpooling activity is strictly voluntary and hereby assumes full responsibility for all risk of injury and loss, which may result from such participation. Each user also agrees to hold harmless, release, waive, forever discharge and covenant not to sue or bring claim against Fairmont, its officers, agents and/or employees from any and all claims resulting from any accident, illness, injury, death or damage, loss or destruction of any property arising or resulting directly or indirectly from such participation, including, without limitation, any third-party liability.

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