All applicants (the character applying) must be residents of the city for at least 10 days
Approved applicants must have a Phone, Class I firearm license, Drivers License, Truck License, and No Felonies.
By submitting this application you agree that all your questions were answered to the best of your ability and are 100% the truth. ANY False information will result in immediate termination.
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Character Name in City *
Discord Username and # *
IRL and Character Age *
What time zone do you live in? *
What days are you available (average week)? *
What times are you available those days? *
EMS has a 50% rule. You work 50% of your time in the city, so if you're in the city for 6 hrs 3 of those have to be on EMS. Will you be able to do that? *
Do you have any medical experience IRL & or IC ? If yes, please explain. *
What RP experience do you have, if any? *
How long has your character lived in the city? *
Why would you like to join our Medical team, and what can you bring to the community? (Do not state there's a lack of EMS, otherwise this will lead to an automatic denial.) *
You arrive on scene with two officers down, one civilian down, and another person stands by with a gun out, not pointed at you but demands you help his friend first. How would you handle the situation and what would you say to the armed man? *
You arrive on scene to a civilian that is unconscious. You determine that they may have been hit by a vehicle, and fell off their motorcycle. What steps would you take to ensure the individual is treated? *
You're off duty, hanging out with your friends. One of them gets hit by a car and falls unconscious. It’s a life or death situation. What do you do? *
Has your character ever been convicted of a CRIME or FELONY? If so, what, please explain. *
Does your character use any recreational drugs? *
Would your character be able to pass a drug screening? *
Is your character in or affiliated with a gang/crew etc.? If so, which one(s)? *
Does your character consent to a background check? If not, please explain. *
Required: Please list (minimum) 3 references AND their phone numbers in Gr8CityRP (Character Name) It is highly recommended you use the most reputable contacts you know, like business owners, LSPD, BSCO, etc. *
What is your characters phone number? *
Do you have additional information you'd like to share?
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