Report a Lag
As Defiance and Defiance 2050 are online games, it is necessary for the games to continually sync, verify, and render data from an online database when you are playing.

If you could play normally before and since a certain time period your frame rate started to be extremely choppy, it's taking several seconds for an NPC, weapon or a skill to respond, your game is constantly freezing, crashing and you are experiencing high latency then you are in a right place to report your LAG.

This form will help the Defiance Team to look into different possibilities to help with this issue and track possible causes of lags and resolve them on our end.
What's your in-game character name? *
Your platform *
Please select a platform/platforms where you encountered this issue.
When did you come across the issue? *
Please select a date when you started to experience lags in the game.
Where are you from? *
In order to help decrease latency we need to check how far away you are located from the servers.
What's the problem and how does it affect you? *
Please describe how it looks from your side as much as possible. Is it just choppy, delays and freezes or the objects are not loading and you can’t see anyone nearby players, enemies and interact?
Where do you lag the most?
If you are experiencing screen freezes or frame rate reduction and other issues when you are in a crowded or specific area please specify them! Be it an Arkfall, Expeditions, Fast Travel Points, PVP, PVE, etc.
When does this happen?
Please tell us if you lag only during certain time of the day or every time you login to the game?
Got a screenshot, photo or better video?
Here a video really is worth a thousand words. You can upload your video at or add screenshots to for example. However please consider that screenshots may not reflect the actual problem. So, we’d be happy to get a link to your video.
Thank you for helping us to improve Defiance and Defiance 2050!
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