Counseling Service
We are happy to provide our service through designated clinics or natural medicine centers. It may be rendered over the phone, on the Web or during house calls. One lesson we have learned in our more than a decade in the field is that the biggest beneficiaries of our counseling service are generally those who agree with HoloLife in the following aspects:

1. Please make sure if the ongoing treatment program can no longer induce further improvement. If it continues to register progress, please stick to the program. There is no immediate need for HoloLife yet.
2. You must feel at ease and have the unanimous support of your family. You may as well put HoloLife on hold if there is suspicion or even opposition in the family.
3. Make sure you can take the initiative to observe and record your own symptoms and changes in sleep, appetite, bowel movements, physical strength, span of concentration, and mood. For your own good, you need to nurture this capacity for autonomous and empirical evaluation. We are ready to be of assistance when necessary.
4. You need to prepare yourself for the possibility of your body reacting unpleasantly to the HoloLife program, a phenomenon common to 10-25% of the general public. During this phase of readjustment and rectification, you may experience discomfort or recurrence of symptoms that were often associated with your fatigue, injuries or menstruation in the past. This may last three to 10 days but you will find yourself in a much better shape afterwards.
5. Therapeutic effectiveness—a temporary alleviation of symptoms or a permanent cure—is something for the patient and his caregiver to identify and evaluate. No matter how effective other drugs are advertized to be or what a wealth of clinical findings HoloLife has built up, there is simply no guarantee for repeatable success in new cases for either. Only what works counts, doesn’t it? As such, HoloLife will not and should not “assert” its therapeutic effectiveness. For HoloLife, what really matters is the patient’s or caregiver’s capacity for evidence-based self-management healthcare and actually taking action.

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