CGMF School of Faith Quick Quiz

Book of John
Chapter 2             New King James Version and NRSV are the main translations used for Study.
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Mary is never called by her personal name in the fourth gospel? *
What did his mother tell the servants to do in verse 5? *
The good wine has many symbolic associations in the scripture. Name two. *
Hints: ( Is. 25:6 ), ( Song 1:2  Apocrypha ) 1 Cor. 10:16 ), ( Rev. 19:7-9 )
What is the Passover? *
Hint: Exodus 12
The cleansing of the Temple is found in all four gospels. *
Name two of courts in Herod's Temple during Jesus time. *
Greek word for sign or miracle found in John 2:11. *
Jesus expulsion of the money changers recalls the vision of Zechariah 14:21. *
Second century Christians who believed in two Gods. One, the harsh legalistic God of the Jews and the merciful loving God Jesus.
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The word ______________  refers to a collection of authoritative works.
Hint: Has to do with the validation of the NT.
 What did you find most interesting about chapter 2 of John's gospel?
The Coptic Gospel of Thomas contains 114 sayings of Jesus?
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Define for me Orthodoxy?
The view that Jesus was not divine but was a flesh and blood human being who had been adopted by God to be his son at his baptism.
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