The WYFY School // Student Enrollment
With You, For You, we will:

Deepen our connections to
Family and Earth
Change and History
Tech. and Bodies
Magic and Love
Knowledge and the Erotic

As we

Snatch our tongues back
Back from the academy
Back from thieves in ivory towers
Back from detention
Back from the hands that took our love notes
and bound them into texts we could never afford
Back from their “validation”
Back from their “credentials”
Back from institutions that hoarded knowledge from us
and commodified our precious histories

We all have knowledge to share
We all have different points of access,
traumas around memory, learning, sharing and skill building
We all have resources to contribute and needs to fulfill
We are all engaged in our own work personally,
politically, spiritually, and emotionally.

How do we validate our knowledge and and fortify our relationships to each other?
How do we gain the knowledge to thrive into the future?

We will recenter ourselves and decenter the academy.
We will seek generous reciprocities instead of exclusion and hostilities.


We are decentralizing the brick and mortar and the financial ties that qualify institutions of learning. We are building an embodied and distributed knowledge. One that validates by relation, by personal and intimate history. One shaped by the hands it feeds. One shaped by the land we walk on and takes care of it.


All classes will be accessible in an online format.
People are invited to attend and teach from anywhere and everywhere with supplemental
“IRL” classes in New York City, Wednesdays, Sundays and other days TBD.

All classes will be free.
All teachers will be paid.

Funding will be provided through
SFPC (School for Poetic Computation) and BUFU.
In partnership with Distributed Web of Care and the WYFY Board of the Wise.

*We also invite you to contribute solely in publication form, to the WYFY Archive.

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