Murrieta 869 - Request for Application/Petition
Once you have (1) attended enough events to determine joining the fraternity is something you still desire, (2) have determined you have time in your life to dedicate to yourself, (3) decided how you might serve the lodge and society by coming a member, (4) have befriended and requested 2 of our members to sign and vouch for you, and (5) are prepared to pay the application fee of $454, please fill out the below information and we will determine if we are prepared to grant you an application.
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Email *
Full Name *
Full First, Full Middle, and Full Last Name
I have attended... *
I have read the all of the membership information at the link below in the description. *
I have time in my life to dedicate to myself. *
I understand that while going through the degrees of Masonry, I must keep in touch with my coach (first signer), my degree guide (second signer), and/or the Master of the Lodge and let them know if I am not able to attend an event or meeting. *
Why do you want to become a Freemason? *
How will you serve the lodge, society and your family by becoming a member? *
Who are the two members of the Lodge who will sign/vouch for you should you be granted an application? *
I am prepared to pay the $470 application fees. *
Only answer YES to this question if you are prepared to pay your fees upon the completion of this request.
Full Mailing Address *
Street Address, City, State, Zip
Age & Birthdate *
NN years, MM/DD/YYYY
Occupation *
Personal References *
List at least 2 reference with name, relationship, phone number and email address. These must be different from the Members who have vouched for you above.
Birth Place (City, State, Country) *
How long have you lived at your current residence? (Years, Months) *
List a previous address if less than 10 years at current address. List other states you have resided.
Cell Phone *
Home Phone
Work Phone
Which is your preferred phone to reach you? *
Family Information
Below you are asked to provide information about your family, your employment history, and any Masonic affiliation which you might have, which will help us to better know you. This information has no bearing on your qualifications for membership. A detailed explanation is available at Freemasons take on serious obligations to care for and provide relief to fellow Masons, their wives, widows, and orphans if necessary. Should you become a Freemason, it is important that we have some basic information about your family members.
Martial Status *
Spouse/Partner Name
Spouse/Partner Birth Date
Anniversary Date
Do you have minor children? *
If yes, use Other and please list their names, genders and ages
Employment History *
Please include employer name, City, State, Position, and Dates (From/To) for your last 2 positions
Have you ever presented an application to a Masonic Lodge? *
If Yes, use Other and tell us when and what lodge(s).
Have you ever been rejected by a masonic lodge? *
If Yes, use Other and tell when and by what lodge
Is/was your father or grandfather a Mason? *
Is/was your father-in-law a Mason? *
Were you a member of DeMolay? *
Have you ever been arrested, taken into custody, pleaded guilty or no contest to, or been convicted of, a criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation? *
A man who has pled guilty or no contest to or who has been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude is not eligible to apply for membership in Freemasonry. Crimes other than those of moral turpitude do not automatically exclude a person from eligibility for membership, but it is important that the lodge be made aware of any criminal background of an applicant. If yes, use the Other option and please explain. If yes, state fully all of the facts below, including date and place, the court or other public body disposing of the same, the sentence or other disposition made, and other pertinent facts. Attach a separate sheet if necessary. (Go to for more information on the definition of a minor traffic violation. If you are not sure if a traffic violation is minor, please list it below.)
Statement by the requestor (All Required) *
I respectfully represent that, unbiased by friends and uninfluenced by motives of financial or material gain, I freely and voluntarily make this application to receive the degrees of Freemasonry; that I am prompted to solicit this privilege by a desire for knowledge and personal growth, and a sincere wish to be of service to humanity; and that I promise, if found worthy, to conform to all the ancient usages and regulations of the fraternity. I understand the application qualifications and swear that (check those that apply):
Preferred Volume of Sacred Law / Holy Writings *
If you are selected to join our fraternity and become of member of our lodge, you will be required to take a solemn obligation (to yourself). This obligation is taken in the presence of your choice of Holy Writings. Please choose your preferred Volume of Sacred Law.
Attestation *
I authorize any member of the lodge, Grand Lodge, or any person requested to do so by the lodge to make any investigation and background check into my personal history and character, including civil and criminal records. I understand that this procedure may entail contacting persons either known or unknown to me. I authorize all persons and entities contacted for such purposes to divulge requested information. I unconditionally and voluntarily waive, release, and discharge any and all claims, causes of action, liabilities, or damages which I may have now or in the future against the lodge, lodge members, recommenders, Grand Lodge, and outside investigative services arising or resulting directly or indirectly from this application and the background investigation, and indemnify and hold harmless all such parties from any claims, causes of actions, liabilities, or damages that may be available to me under current or future laws.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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