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AgileCamp 2017 - Speaker Application
We are now seeking speakers for AgileCamp 2017!

We are excited to bring one of the largest Agile gatherings across North America:

-- September 6, 2017: Northwest (Portland) @ Nike Headquarters
-- September 25, 2017: New York Metro @ Prudential Financial Headquarters
-- November 6: Silicon Valley @ Santa Clara Convention Center
-- December 1: Dallas @ the Irving Convention Center

AgileCamp brings together the Agile community for a day filled with learning Agile and Lean practices. This year, we will feature 3- Keynote speakers, along with 20 sessions packed with rich and valuable Agile/ Lean content that is presented by agile experts. Our objective is to bring together Agilists, from novices to experts, and advance Agile knowledge to the community.

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Questions can be emailed to

Key Dates:
9/6: Portland, OR @ Nike HQ
[SUBMISSIONS CLOSED. Acceptance by 7/20]

9/25: New York Metro, NY @ Prudential Financial HQ
[SUBMISSIONS CLOSED. Acceptance by 7/20]

11/6: Silicon Valley, CA @ Santa Clara Convention Center
Submissions Due on 9/1. Acceptance by 9/20.

12/1: Dallas, TX @ Irving Convention Center
Submissions Due on 10/1. Acceptance by 10/20.

THEME: Enterprise Agility - Business Strategy and Transformation
Submissions should include a "connection" to the theme above and tailored to one or more of the following categories:
- Agile Leadership and Culture
- Product Management and Strategy
- Innovation and Design
- Enterprise Agile Practices
- Technical Enablement
Sessions will be approximately 60 minutes. We recommend that speakers share "real life" experiences, techniques, or other areas of specific knowledge in practicing Agility of all levels. Presentation materials are welcome as so are hands-on exercises or activities. Speaker "panels" are not ideal for this type of event. Also, presenters are not to sell or "pitch" a product or a service.

Approved sessions will receive one complimentary entry to AgileCamp. That means that if there is more than a single speaker for a session, only one complimentary entry will be offered for that session. AgileCamp and its affiliates will not reimburse travel expenses for your attendance or other expenses to produce your session.

At which EVENT would you like to speak (pick one or many):
Name of Workshop (Title)
The name of the proposed workshop session; preferably something relative to the conference theme. In many cases, this is the "hook" that will attract attendees to the session.
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Summary (Elevator Pitch)
A very brief (141 character) summary of the session topic. Think "elevator pitch". What will intrigue someone enough for them to say "I CANNOT miss this session!!"
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Describe the key points of your session in terms of content by providing more details; what will you be covering? What are the principles? What does the session outline look like? Are there exercises? What is the timing for each section?
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What "category" would your talk fall into? (pick more than one if applicable)
Learning Objectives
What are the outcomes and specific take-aways that the attendees will get from your session? What will they be able to do or how will this make their world of work better?
Your answer
Presentation History/ Speaking Experience (... yes Rookies are OK!)
Have you presented on this topic before? If you have, provide descriptions of when and where you have presented on this topic or provide direct links to other references of previous work. Reviewers will take into consideration the presenter's experience in making selection. Reviewers will select both first time and experienced speakers but will weight prior presentation history to assure all tracks have a balance of proven and new content speakers. Any references to your speaking ability (Even if you have never presented)
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Target Audience
Primary level of audience understanding and comprehension that your session is intended for.
Presentation Type (maximum 60 minutes)
What is the format of your session?
If you have a "hands-on" or activity component to the session, can you describe it?
Although not mandatory, having a hands-on activity or means to have people engage with one another is highly recommended.
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Presenter Name(s) & Title(s)
First and Last Name of the person(s) presenting.
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Presenter(s) Company
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Presenter Biography (keep this 200 words or less)
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Your contact number (telephone)
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By selecting this mark, I acknowledge that if my session is selected, I will receive one complimentary entry to AgileCamp. I acknowledge that only one complimentary ticket is provided per acceptance irrespective of the number of speakers involved in providing my session. This single entry is non-transferrable to any other person and must be used for the AgileCamp event in which my session has been planned for. I also acknowledge that if my session is selected, I will not be reimbursed for any expenses including travel and cost to produce my session.
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