FanimeCon 2020 - Research Survey
A survey regarding the effect of Covid-19 on FanimeCon 2020. All information gathered by this survey is kept confidential and only used for study purposes. This information will not be shared with anyone and only the sole researcher will have access. If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail me at
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What area do you live in? (General locations are fine. i.e. Central California)
What is your experience with anime conventions?
For Fanime Con, which groups did you fall under?
How long have you attended FanimeCon?
How did you decide to go to FanimeCon specifically?
How were your experiences with FanimeCon prior to 2020? (Was it enjoyable? Favorite parts? Things that may need changing?)
How have conventions been for your understanding of Japanese Culture? Did you learn more by going to them than you did prior?
If you've attended any virtual conventions in the past year, how was the experience? Would you want a similar virtual experience for FanimeCon?
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