2020 EOG Proctor Interest
Please complete the following if you are interesting in being a proctor during EOG testing. Testing will be scheduled during the last 10 days of school, from May 29, 2020 to June 11, 2020. Specific days and times will be forwarded when the final school state testing schedule has been created by the testing team. Be sure to answer each question as they are being asked to ensure test security is maintained and state mandated testing administration procedures are followed.
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1. Proctor's name (Last, First) *
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2. Valid phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) *
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3. Email (xxxxx@xxxx.xxx) *
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4. Do you have a son/daughter, relative, for family friend who is a Scholar at Shepard IB Magnet? *
5. If yes to question 4, what is the Scholars name? (enter NA if you answered NO) *
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6. What is their grade level? (enter NA if you answered NO to question 4) *
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7. Do you have a family member/friend that is an employee at Shepard IB Magnet? *
8. What is the employee's name? (enter NA if you answered no to question 7). *
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9. Note that being a proctor requires walking and standing over extended periods. Do you have any physical limitations that will prevent you from standing or walking for extended periods of time? *
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