Utah Depression and Suicide Project

My name is Daniel Caldwell, I am a Mental Health Counselor in the state of Utah. This project is being done in order to gain valuable information to better serve the youth and young adults of Utah. While this study is about the State of Utah, it is vital for the project to also understand the experiences of those not from Utah so please participate even if you are from another state or country.

The state of Utah has repeatedly been cited as having one of the highest suicide rates in the nation especially for youth between the ages of 10-17. There have been many attempts to try and understand why this is but no conclusive answers have been given. The theories are many and range from the amount of gun owners in the state, to elevation, to the culture. Suicide is difficult to study as the subjects are no longer with us. We don't always know the reasons that someone takes their life. With this project I hope to explore the attitudes of those who have been suicidal and try to understand what got them to that place in hopes of better understanding our suicide problem in Utah. I also want to understand those who have not felt suicidal in order to see the differences between those who have and those who have not.

By participating in this survey you are giving permission to Daniel Caldwell to use this information for research purposes. Your name and any identifying information will be kept confidential. If while taking this survey you feel overwhelmed please stop and talk to a friend immediately, if you are currently feeling suicidal please do not take this survey. Please seek help by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or call 911. If during the course of the survey you begin to feel suicidal please stop the survey and call 911 immediately. This survey is for those 18 years and older. If you are younger than 18 please do not proceed.
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