sLOVEnia New Year's IMW
Organizing LC: LC Ljubljana
Event: sLOVEnia IMW New Year
Date: 30th December 2017 - 1st of January 2018
Participation fee: 75€
Deadline for application: 30.11.2017 at 23:59
E-mail for contact:

We thought maybe some of you still don't have any New Year plans... well LC Ljubljana is proud to present sLOVEnia New Year's IMW 2017!

Come spend your New Year's with us and our exchange participants. This IMW has a totally new location - Kočevje, a place where the bears rule the forests... or so they say. As always we will prepare some crazy and (un)forgettable ALL YOU CAN DRINK THEME parties!

How about a New Year's Eve razpaljotka? What is razpaljotka you say?
You're welcome. Only rule? Bring your tracksuit!

Let's countdown from 10 and a step into the new year 2018 together.
Apply now!


The cost of the IMW is 75 € and includes:
- Accomodation for two nights in Kočevje,
- Transportation: Ljubljana-Kočevje / Kočevje-Ljubljana,
- Lunch and dinner on the 30th December in Kočevje
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the 31st December
- Breakfast on the 1st January
- Two wild THEME parties (alcohol included - all you can drink)

Additional options (on 1.1.2018):
- visit water park from 16:00 and on - prices in the form,
- keep in mind that due to new year's dates, if you want to stay another night (until the end of exchange), finding accommodation could be difficult. But you are welcome to join on the farewell city party :)

Make sure to be in Ljubljana by 12:00 on the 30th of December and don’t leave before 14:00 on the 1st of January!

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Do you wish to join us in waterpark Atlantis on 1.1. for an extra fee? *
After we return to Ljubljana we will go to waterpark Atlantis around 16:00 for 4 hours (there is also an option for 2 hours). If you wish to join us, tell us. The price for a 4 hour ticket is 8.47€ for students and 10.29€ for the nonstudents.
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Do you want to order any of our tasty, sweet Borovničke? How many bottles will you buy?
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Do you know any drinking games? Tell us :D
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