SRVCS Teacher Survey Questionnaire 盛萌中文学校教师问卷
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1 Do you think the teacher is concerned about the students? Does he/she enjoy 你认为该教师是否关心学生?热爱教师的职业?
2 Do you think the instructor is proficient with the course content? 你认为该教师对所讲课程内容是否熟练?
3 Does the teacher use various approaches and tools of instruction? 该老师讲课是否使用其它教学手段,如 卡片、实物、幻灯等?
4 Is the teacher’s articulation engaging? 该老师讲课语言表达是否有吸引力?
5 Are the teacher’s weekly emails timely and detailed? 该老师每周发的Email是否认真及时?
6 Are parents’ email and phone-call responses timely? 对家长的Email 或电话是否及时回复?
7 Is the homework load appropriate? 家庭作业布置是否适量?
8 Does the teacher check the homework carefully? 家庭作业是否认真批改?
9 Does the teacher ask questions and interact with students? 该老师上课是否有互动,会经常提问你吗
10 Is the teacher behavior good in class? Such as being late, using phone in class, etc. 该老师上课有无不良现象?如迟到,接打手机?
11 Does the class have enough dictation (ting xie)? 老师的课堂听写量是否合适?
12 Does the teacher maintain classroom discipline? 该教师对课堂纪律维持的如何?
13 Do you feel that you have made good progress in your learning? 有没有明显感觉自己的学习有进步?
What parts of the teacher/class are you unsatisfied with? 你觉得该老师有哪些地方令你不满意?
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What parts of the teacher/class are you satisfied with? 你觉得该老师有哪些地方让你满意?
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How do you think this could be improved? 你觉得该如何改进提高?
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