Weekend Class Registration Form 週末口語興趣班課程報名表 2020-2021
Please note this form is for weekend class registration only. If you would like to register for weekday classes, please visit https://forms.gle/qbrFjiwojPamvPnS9
此報名表只用於報週末班,如果想報日常班,請訪問 https://forms.gle/qbrFjiwojPamvPnS9
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Student Information 學生資料
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Grade in School Year 2020-2021 在校年級 *
What full-time school is this student enrolled in? 學生在哪個全日制學校就讀? *
Home Phone 家庭電話
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What language(s) does this student speak? 這名學生會講什麼語言? *
Has this student ever learned Mandarin? 這名學生有學過國語嗎? *
If yes, please indicate how long and where the student studied. 如果有,請說明學習了多長時間和學習地點
Do you have siblings registered at our school? If yes, please let us know their names 你有兄弟姊妹已在我們學校註冊嗎?如果有,請告訴我們名字
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