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We are now accepting nominations for the Class of 2023. Those accepted into the 2023 Mindshare Class will be notified by the end of January/beginning of February.

CEO/Founder Criteria:
A Mindshare CEO/Founder MUST have committed to the entrepreneurial journey. A CEO/Founder cannot be employed elsewhere and working on their “idea.” If the CEO/Founder has not fully committed to the entrepreneurial journey, they are not eligible to participate in the Mindshare class.
Mindshare is for leaders, not simply “good soldiers” and therefore nominees should be CEO’s of their company. We will accept nominations of co-founders if they were involved and instrumental at the genesis of the company. Where co-founders who do not have the CEO title are nominated, we will request an explanation of why the CEO founder is not the nominee. We will also critically review the leadership role and responsibility of any nominated co-founder without the CEO title.

Company Criteria:
Mindshare is first and foremost for CEO’s/Founders of companies with proprietary technology that generates more than 50% of the company’s revenue. CEO’s/Founders of life-science companies, including pre-revenue life-science companies, are included in the definition of proprietary technology.
Mindshare will accept nominations of CEO’s/Founders of companies with a non-technology proprietary product or technology enabled products.  
Mindshare is NOT for CEO’s/Founders of services businesses and NOT for CEO’s/Founders of companies whose only/primary customer is the US/State Governments.
To be eligible for the Mindshare class, CEO’s/Founders must have a company with more than one employee (i.e., the nominee).  
Mindshare seeks disruptive companies with high-growth potential. To be eligible for the Mindshare class, a CEO/Founder must have an operating company. Ideally, the CEO/Founder’s company would have launched their product and obtained customers OR would have raised capital from investors. That said, nominations of high-potential CEO’s/Founders of companies in stealth mode or in product development with a near-term expected market launch are also encouraged. Having venture capital or similar investors is NOT a requirement for participation in Mindshare.
Mindshare is NOT for CEO’s/Founders of “lifestyle” companies.    

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Mindshare Organizing Board
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