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Lecture #3: April 20, 2021 5:00-6:15pm
Please join us to hear what three local educators are doing around Big Night themes...

"Frogs Need Homes and Other Ecological Habitats: Engaging Students in Studying About Amphibians" 
with Molly McCormick, Third Grade Teacher and UMF Graduate

Description: This talk will describe how field trips to a local nature preserve provided third-and-fourth grade students with opportunities to study amphibians, learn how hazards are causing a decrease in their population, and engineer solutions to help. This will be told from the teacher and student perspective and explore how these ideas can be further implemented in a classroom setting.

"Spring Temperatures, Melting Snowpack, and Ponding Water"
with Dr. Julia Daly, Associate Professor of Geology, UMF

Description: This talk will share insights from a class project collecting temperatures in the snowpack from late winter through the spring transition, giving us some insights into what animals might experience at the ground-snow interface during the winter and as the snow melts. We'll also look at how the underlying geologic deposits influence where water collects on the surface during the spring melt season.

"Vernal Ponds on the Landscape"
with Dr. Rachel Hovel, Division of Natural Sciences, UMF

Description: Vernal pools are well-known as essential habitat for charismatic amphibian species, but they are important ecosystems within the greater landscape for a wide range of reasons. This talk will explore the importance of vernal pools as hotspots of nutrient cycling, biodiversity, and other important processes.
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