1% Parent & Family Engagement 2019-2020 Budget Survey
Dear Parents,

We value your input! As a parent of a child who receives Title I services in our school, you have the right to give input about how the school district budgets and spends its Title I Parental Involvement money. We have held various meetings with parents and provided surveys to parents to revise our school's Parent and Family Engagement policy for the next year. We would like thank you for participating in these input meetings and surveys to review and revise our school’s Parent and Family Engagement Policy, School Parent Compact and 1% Parent and Family Engagement Budget for the school year.

Title I-A requires the utilization of 1% of the funds to support and promote parent and family engagement in schools. Our Title I 1% Parent and Family Engagement Budget for 2018 - 2019 was $3,748.00. The illustration below shows how those funds were spent during the 2018-2019 year. This year (2019-2020) our Title I% budget allocation is $4040.00. We need your assistance in effectively utilizing these funds to promote and support our parent and family engagement at Jonesboro Middle School. Last year, we spent the money this way:

2018-2019 – 1% Parental Involvement Budget:

Jonesboro Middle School has used the 1% funds to purchase supplemental materials such as; books for our parent & family engagement lending library, printing supplies, and pamphlets. Based on the our parents responses and agreement of use of Title I funds, workshops were conducted on Support My Child's Education, Ways Busy Parents Can Help Children Succeed, Math Made Easy and How to Help My Child with Homework & Reading.

Please assist us in making decisions on how we can best support parental involvement in our schools by priority ranking the items below (high priority 5, low priority 1). You may also write in other items that aren’t listed, but are deemed as important.
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1. Parent and family workshops focused on assisting students with instruction/curriculum.
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2. Supplemental materials to support instruction at home.
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3. Lending library books.
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4. Parent & Family Workshop Materials.
5. Activities to encourage parental engagement.
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6. Printing and communications.
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