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FAHE 2019 Request for Proposals
Invitation/Call for Presentations

40th Annual Meeting of the Friends Association for Higher Education
June 13-16, 2019
Swarthmore College and Pendle Hill
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Conference Theme:  Truth and Inspiration

The Friends Association for Higher Education was conceived in 1979 by a group of educators seeking to bring together faculty, staff and administrators at historically Quaker colleges and universities.  Since its founding, FAHE has met annually at Friends institutions of higher education around the US and beyond, engaging educators and scholars in ongoing dialogue around what it means to teach and work at historically Quaker institutions of higher learning.  From the very beginning, Friends have embraced a strong commitment to education, and Friends schools and colleges have attracted and welcomed  both Quaker and non-Quaker educators alike who resonate with the historic Friends commitment to educating the whole person, guided by the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and (especially in recent decades) sustainability.

This coming summer, from June 13-16, 2019, FAHE will hold its annual conference at Swarthmore College and Pendle Hill in Philadelphia.  Members of the FAHE Program Committee invite presentation proposals from faculty, staff and administrators related in any way to the conference theme of Truth and Inspiration.  As a tool for seeking truth as part of corporate discernment and decision-making, Quakers have come to rely on queries to provide focus, direction, and inspiration.  Queries to consider in envisioning and crafting proposals include:  

What are truth and truth-seeking, and how would you define these in your discipline and work?

In an era where truth is under constant assault, how do we navigate, in and outside the classroom, the dangers posed by lying, information suppression, misrepresentation, and conspiracy theories?

How do we navigate between apparently conflicting truths, values or stories?

How has your campus responded to, or been involved in, the free speech controversies that have engulfed campuses around the country?

In the face of growing threats to human and civil rights, a global environmental crisis, mindless consumption, and opioid addiction, what does it mean to speak truth to power?

In an era of lies, deception, and abuse of power, how do we prevent ourselves and our students from succumbing to cynicism, hopelessness and despair?

How do we inspire curiosity, wonder, awe, and a love of learning in our work with students in and outside the classroom?

What values do we seek to honor in our work as educators and scholars, and what is the basis for these values?

Wherein do you find inspiration, meaning, or truth?

Publication Opportunity:  FAHE’s Quakers in the Disciplines Series

Presenters at the 2019 conference have the opportunity to propose a presentation topic geared toward the theme of the upcoming seventh volume in FAHE’s Quakers in the Disciplines book series, Quakers, Social Work and Justice Concerns.  Conference presentations provide potential contributors an opportunity to draft an article for inclusion in the volume.  Editors Max Carter, Daniel Rhodes, Jennifer Buck, and Erin Johnson offer some ideas for topics:

+ Early Friends and social concerns
+ Concerns for the poor (John Bellers, John Woolman, etc.)
+ Concerns for educating the masses (Joseph Lancaster, etc.)
+ Concerns for the imprisoned (Elizabeth Fry, etc.)
+ Early concerns regarding slavery (George Keith, Germantown Friends, etc.)
+ Concerns for the mentally ill (the Tukes, Philadelphia Hospital, etc.)
+ Pennsylvania—the “Holy Experiment” as a haven for conscientious refugees
+ Quakers and the abolition of slavery
+ Revivalism as the healing of the nation
+ Women's rights and suffrage
+ Temperance and domestic concerns
+ Reconciliation and peace work
+ Reconstruction and post-war relief work
+ Jane Addams: innovator in the field of social work
+ The AFSC and Quaker Peace & Service
+ FCNL and national policies
+ Quakers and the United Nations
+ Quaker missions and social concerns
+ Quakers and Gandhi and King
+ Quakers, Ramallah and Palestine
Proposal Guidelines

Suggested Length:  250 words
Information to Include:  Name, job title, institution, type of presentation (traditional lecture, discussion), title of presentation, technology needs
Deadline:  January 1, 2019



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