The Covid-19 Technology Investment Program was designed to support tourism operators as they optimize their online approach and use physical technology towards a safe re-opening.

During the early phases of COVID-19 there was an urgent need for businesses to get online as quickly as possible. As operators have settled in to somewhat of a routine, operators are now looking for ways to refine and optimize their online approach and upgrade user technology to safely meet the needs of the consumer.

Additionally, across the tourism industry, operators are attempting to bolster consumer confidence. Protocols like mask-wearing, hand-sanitizing and social distancing are being accepted as new norms, and tactics for keeping people apart while continuing to conduct business (i.e., “touch-free” or “contactless”
solutions) are the order of the day.

Tech features that might have originally been intended for introduction as novelties or extra conveniences are suddenly becoming necessities in an era where some people are wary of even stepping outside their doors.

All details required for participation are on the RTO4 website.
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