SL Bloggerati - Member App.
This application is for an invite into the SL Bloggerati Group. The group will have open chat, early access options when available, Blogger assistance, and many more things we hope to do in the future.

The group is also open to Blogger Managers and Store Owners that wish to notify of Blogger searches or to contribute to the group overall.

To be eligible to join the group you must have an active blog/flickr, with current postings which contain credits to items shown, or locations visited if a non fashion orientated blog or feature.

The group will be open to all to chat, so you must be respectful to each-other, and show that same respect towards creators/store owners and event organisers whether in the group or not. You must also show the proper consideration to events and participants in events when visiting with Early Access, so as not to impact the event or the group in a negative way.

You must be willing to communicate with those involved if something seems incorrectly priced or not working in the way you imagine that it should. This is helpful to all and a reason that early access is a run through of the event, it is to help.

You must not resell content you have purchased at an event early access before the event is open to the public as this can have a negative outcome for the event and the group. If the event gives permission to do so that is up to them, but by default no.

If you see copyright infringing items at an event the group has been given access to, let an admin know immediately, as we do not want to support an event that would support those products. We will contact the event so that they can fix the matter.

We want to be here as support not only for each-other, but also for creators/store owners, event organisers and the community as a whole, we want to be sure that our readers get the best of us, and the information that we can provide them.

If something comes up in the future that needs to be added, an amendment will be added and communicated in the group.

If you have any questions please contact Sasy Scarborough in world.
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