OWASP AppSec Day 2019 - Call for Papers
Thank you for your interest in speaking at OWASP AppSec Day on Friday the 1st of November 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.
About AppSec Day
OWASP AppSec Day (https://appsecday.io/) is Australia’s biggest conference dedicated entirely to building and deploying secure web and mobile applications, including DevSecOps practices for fast Agile software delivery environments.

We aim to provide a welcoming environment for developers, testers, devops engineers and security professionals. Our core focus with this event is to improve their knowledge, skills and to network with other like-minded professionals.

CFP Announced - 1st May 2019
Closes - 5pm, 27th May 2019
Selection Finalised (emails sent to speakers) - 17th of June
Conference - 1st November 2019 (Melbourne CBD)
Information for speakers
+ 3-4 talk streams will be run in parallel, a part from the keynote and panel discussion.
+ ~900 attendees are expected and will be spread out between the talk streams throughout the day.
+ All talk rooms are will have a lapel or handheld mic, depending on your preference.
+ Speakers will have a private Green Room to prepare, test your presentations and chill out.
+ All presentations will be displayed on state of the art projectors at 1080p resolution, in 16:9 ratio.
+ Speakers can use their own slide template, if you would like an OWASP specific template, please reach out.
+ Rooms will have a Wireless Presenter (clicker) that can be used if required.
+ Unfortunately, we can't accept workshop format submissions for the conference this year, due to venue restrictions.
Areas of Focus
AppSec Day has a diverse and passionate audience of technology and security professionals at all skill levels. Generally speaking we like talks that would benefit someone who builds (or is responsible for securing) an end to end software product. We prefer talks that are going to help attendees defend (defensive) the software products they are building. However we also see value in talks that teach attendees how to "think like a hacker" (offensive), as that will allow them to test and review their applications and environments with a hacker's mindset.

In other words, we like talks within but not limited to the following focus areas.

+ Secure Software Development Lifecycle - Integrating security into the software development lifecycle.
+ Secure Coding - Secure code principles and code review techniques.
+ Security Architecture - Architecting applications to be secure by design.
+ Web Application Security - Offensive security testing and defensive security controls.
+ DevSecOps - Integrating security into DevOps processes, architectures, tools and people.
+ Blue team - Prevention and detection of security issues within production software environments.
+ Cloud Security - Design, deploy and operate applications securely in cloud environments.
+ Mobile Application Security - Security of mobile applications, frameworks and services.
+ API security - Integrating security into a small, a medium or a large microservices architecture.

When selecting the talks for AppSec Day, a part from the talk details and presenters skills, we also consider the following:

+ Do we have a balanced selection of technical talks (Introductory to Expert)?
+ Are we including presenters from diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives?

Speaker Travel Costs
OWASP AppSec Day is an event run by a non-profit organisation, organised entirely by volunteers. So we would appreciate if you or your company would sponsor your travel and accommodation expenses to attend the event. However if this is not possible we have a limited budget to assist a handful of speakers travelling from interstate or internationally:

- Travel arrangements (Economy flights)
- Accommodation (2 nights)

All selected speakers and trainers will receive a complimentary conference ticket.

By your submission you agree to the following:

- Your talk is objective, stresses open source approaches and avoids references to any commercial offerings of your company.
- Avoid references to your company throughout the presentation with the exception of the bio aka "Who am I" slide.
- Presentation may be recorded for publishing purposes. We will however, let you know beforehand.

Got a question? Email info@appsecday.io
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