Is this CSA right for you?

CSAs are a great way to eat healthy, local produce and reconnect with where your food comes from, but they are not for everyone. These questions are designed to help you decide whether this CSA is the right commitment for you. Because ultimately, CSAs should be an enjoyable experience for the consumer and the Farmer!
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Do you think organic produce has more value than non-organic produce? *
Do you like eating and cooking new foods? *
On average, how many times a week do you eat or cook vegetables? *
Please select the vegetables and herbs you are interested in eating/cooking/trying. *
Seasonal eating means creating meals around foods that are available at that time of year. For instance, tomatoes and squash aren’t available until summer, while leafy greens are available before it gets hot. Do you think you would enjoy this way of eating and cooking? *
Most CSAs are not meant to provide all the produce you would ever use in a week. It’s likely you will still want to visit the grocery store or market to buy things not found in the CSA share. Is this acceptable to you? *
Farmers’ Markets offer many more choices to the consumer than a CSA. What about joining a CSA appeals to you compared to a Farmers’ Market? *
Does the CSA pickup time (Wednesday between 8-10 am) work well for you? *
What concerns, if any, do you have about joining this CSA? *
Are you still interested in joining this CSA? *
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