2020 Electronics Waste Roundup
Signup here if your school is interested in the 2020 Eugene/Springfield Electronics Waste Roundup, occurring during the month of May. PLEASE SIGN-UP BY MARCH 5TH!
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NextStep will recycle "anything that has a plug, or takes batteries." We have collected over 70,000 lbs. of e-waste in the last several roundups; that's great for our community, and for our environment!

-> You must register using this form to participate in the challenge. We need a "school contact" to be in-charge.

-> We are accepting schools throughout Eugene and Springfield.

-> We are accepting the first 15 elementary (or K8) schools that register as full participants. If you sign up after these slots are filled you can still participate in the Round Up, but must bring your school's e-waste directly to NextStep (i.e. instead of having a direct pickup at your school). [Deadline for registration is March 5th.]

-> We will assist participating schools with the promotional materials needed to get families involved. (This includes electronic materials for all schools, and printed materials for full participants.)

-> All materials collected will be weighed by NextStep, and the schools with the highest number of pounds collected will receive an award. (There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize awards.)

-> We will be assigning your "pick-up week" dates in May based on school location, and we will let you know what they are ASAP.
-> NextStep will accept "anything that has a plug, or takes batteries." As far as batteries are concerned, NextStep only accepts rechargeable batteries -- alkaline batteries go in the garbage.

-> For schools that register after we are at capacity (15 schools), you will be invited to participate as a "drop-off only" school (these schools will not get a pick-up box, but can still drop-off materials directly to NextStep for school credit).
-> This contest is provided by NextStep Recycling, Lane County Waste Management, and Partners for Sustainable Schools.
As the "school contact" your responsibilities are:
-- Gain approval from your school's principal to participate in the event;
-- Work with PSS to promote the event (PSS/NextStep will provide promotional materials);
-- Coordinate with your school's principal/custodian to identify a location for the on-site collection box;
-- Check the box daily during the on-site collection week, and contact NextStep when it is nearly full.

All items that are donated to NextStep must be things they can accept (anything that has a plug, or takes batteries). Items can be taken to NextStep any time during the month of May for school credit, or deposited in the boxes at each school during your scheduled "pick-up week." Any questions can be directed to Joshua (greenschools@live.com, 541-636-0096) or Tami (tami.greenschools@live.com).

Please fill out the form below and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. PSS will be in contact with you soon to let you know your "pick-up week" dates, and any other details. Thank you for participating!
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Thanks for participating!
We are excited that your school is working to reduce waste, and help the community, by recycling your electronics waste! We will keep you informed and updated once your school is registered to participate!
NextStep: Your community resource for electronic reuse and recycling! (Donation / Training Center - Open Mon-Sat (8:30am to 5pm), 245 Jackson St. Eugene, OR 97402 -- 541-686-2366)
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