Gut & Auto Immune - Quiz
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1. Our gut compromises more than __________ of our immune system. A healthy immune system depends on ____________________ ____________________ . *
Choose ALL the correct answers: The guts primary function includes ____________________ of food, ____________________ into vitamins, ____________________ of nutrients, and ____________________ of toxins and pathogens from entering the body. *
_______________, stress, trauma, and sickness cause deficiency.
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Circle ALL the foods that aid in detox and gut health. *
_______________ foods benefit your gut’s microbiome by reducing the abundance of disease causing bacteria. *
Choose ALL the correct answers: What destroys good bacteria in the gut? *
Chronic gut imbalance can lead to ____________________ . *
____________________ disease is a condition in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body. *
Choose ALL the different types of auto immune disorders. *
The key to optimal health is having an optimally functioning spine and nervous system. *
Subluxation is called the silent killer. *
99% of Doctors & Chiropractors will treat you only based on your symptoms or insurance. *
If I feel good, I’m healthy. *
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