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Enter first and last name, including middle initial of all income earners in the household.
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Enter Email Address as a secondary point of contact. We will not distribute your email address to anyone for any reason.
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Which property are you interested in? (If any)
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Do you have regular w-2 employment where taxes are taken out of your employee check? *
Self employed, business owners or people who earn mostly tips, select "other" and describe.
Give a 36 month history on all income earning applicants, with your gross salary or hourly wage. MM/YY format to complete your work history.
EXAMPLE: 12/10-08/11: IRS full time $18/HR. 08/11-Current Miller Meats full time $21/hr
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Do you get overtime? If so, have you gotten it regularly for at least two years?
Do you have any other sources of income?
List any other sources of income (with amounts) such as child support, SSI, Retirement, etc.
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What kind of loan payments are you making now that would show up on your credit report? Please include approximate payment amounts.
This includes car loans, credit cards, student loans, etc. Does not include cell phones or utilities.
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If you have ever filed for bankruptcy, please describe: Discharge date, chap 7 or 13, etc.
List any bankruptcy details.
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If you have ever had a foreclosure, short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, please describe:
Describe details such as sale date or other details.
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Do you currently have any outstanding liens or judgments against you?
List any liens or judgments currently outstanding. Most common liens are tax liens from unpaid taxes. Judgments such as car repossession outstanding amounts, old medical bills, unpaid child support payments, etc. This is when a creditor took you to court and the judge ordered you to pay a specified amount to the plaintiff.
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Have you filed your taxes for the last two years, and are your taxes paid if you owed?
Indicate if you have filed and paid your taxes both state and federal.
What is your monthly rent payment now?
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When does your lease terminate?
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What is your timeline like to move?
When do you need to move? If your move date is flexible, please indicate.
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How much cash do you have on hand for deposits, first months rent, etc? Some (very few) properties may require a larger than $500 deposit or down payment. *
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What would you say keeps you from buying a home right now?
Check any and all applicable boxes.
What would you estimate your credit score to be?
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How many bedrooms do you need?
What area do you prefer?
All of our homes are in good areas. The more flexible you can be with area, the more homes we can show you.
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What is the maximum monthly house payment you can make?
Keep in mind that the payment includes taxes and insurance escrows so that the homeowners insurance and annual taxes are paid for them each year.
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Notes section
Please include any other pertinent details here.
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