Paper Airplanes Women in Tech Mentor Application
Paper Airplanes provides free, one-on-one virtual language and skills instruction to people affected by conflict. Our goal is to help these individuals learn critical languages and marketable skills for their pursuit of higher education and employment. We currently have five programs: English, Turkish, Women in Technology, Citizen Journalism and Youth Exchange.

As a Women in Tech mentor, you would be responsible for meeting with your mentee(s) on a weekly basis over a channel like Skype, helping them complete homework assignments and their final project. This is a volunteer position, with an expected time commitment of 2 hours per week.

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis. The final deadline for mentor applications is August 26th, 2019, although this may be brought forward if enough suitable applicants are found earlier.


Duties and Responsibilities
- Review each week's course materials in full, and consolidate knowledge as necessary, prior to meetings with students
- Work with one or two assigned students individually on homework assignments
- Provide personalized feedback and support to assigned students
- Complete weekly check-ins regarding meetings and interactions

Role Requirements
*** Essential ***
- Some prior experience teaching or tutoring, preferably coding
- Demonstrable experience and education in a programming language like JavaScript, Python, or C++
- Proficiency or strong familiarity with basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS (knowledge of frameworks a plus but not necessary)
- Full commitment to ensure sufficient knowledge and understanding of each week's materials before discussing with students
- Strong verbal and written communication skills
- A real passion for providing educational opportunities for women and refugees
- Thoughtful, creative and solutions-oriented
- Reliable internet access
- Capacity to volunteer 2 hours each week if necessary (varying according to the needs of individual students)
*** Preferred ***
- Arabic language skills advantageous but not required
- Capacity to make a commitment to at least one year with Paper Airplanes (the fall session will run from September 15th-December 21st, training will take place 2-3 weeks before that)

Reports to Women in Tech Program Manager (Emily)

All of the information in this form will be used to evaluate your application. We ask for your contact information so that we can follow up on your application.

If invited to interview, the process may involve a conversation and the chance to prepare and lead an interviewer through a sample homework task. If you have any questions, including concerns regarding whether you might be a good fit for this role, please do not hesitate to contact Emily at

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Can you commit to 2 hours a week of volunteering? This is the minimum time commitment required of tutors. *
You need to be able to commit to two hours a week in order to participate in our programs
Do you have any planned trips or vacations in the next six months? (This includes studying abroad). If yes, please detail the dates below, along with a prediction of whether you will have daily access to the Internet. *
Because all of our tutoring happens online, it's critical that our tutors and mentors have consistent access to internet.
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How much prior experience do you have teaching, tutoring or mentoring others? *
Please rate your level of familiarity with the following coding concepts. *
Descriptions: 0 means that you have no familiarity with this language or technology. 1 (familiar) means that you may have used it once or twice before, and know about some of its key features. 2 (comfortable) means that you may have used it several times and understand many of its key features. This could be through completing a relevant online course or university module, for example. 3 (proficient) means that you may have used in in a variety of contexts, and that you feel confident both writing and debugging. As a rough guideline, you will probably have been using it for more than 6 months.
0: Not used before
1: Familiar
2: Comfortable
3. Proficient
Basic HTML
Basic CSS
Basic JavaScript
JavaScript objects
DOM manipulation (JS)
Please give a brief indication of which programming languages (including JavaScript) and technologies you have used before. Ideally mention the context in which you learnt them and how long you have been using them. *
Example experiences include online courses, university classes, internships or personal projects. Languages other than JavaScript are not directly relevant for this role, so don't worry if you don't have much experience. If JavaScript is not your main programming language, this is a chance to let us know about your programming experience more generally.
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Do you have any prior experience working with refugee populations, or communities who have been affected by conflict? If so, please describe. *
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Why are you interested in volunteering with Paper Airplanes? *
Your answer to this question is very important and helps us understand if you're a good fit for our organization. No need to write an essay, we just want to know a little bit more about why you're interested in this work.
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Please briefly describe any experience you have which may be relevant to your application.
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Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime of any sort by your local police authorities? *
Do you know anyone else who might be interested in mentoring?
If you know someone who would be interested, please do let them know about this opportunity and send them a link to this form. Alternatively, if they would be happy to have their details passed along, please list their name and email below.
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