Apply to attend the Seminar: "Introduction to Synthetic Biology" on Jan 24th, 2019
Our deep-dive seminars are designed to give a quick overview of the state of science, costs of scaling, and players already in the field. Each seminar lasts 3 hours and is invite-only. We get a very curated group of 15-20 individuals with practical, near-term interest in the field. Anyone can apply through forms linked below. Seminars have tiered pricing, allowing participants to pay according to their abilities. We're aiming at a healthy mix of entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors at each of our events.

Space for the seminars is extremely limited; thus we will try to give access to those that demonstrate a real interest in the topic and also the ability to make an impact on the matter after the launch seminar. Please fill in as much info as you think is relevant for us to make the best attendee choices. We will get back to you at the next available time.

The seminar will give you an introduction to the world of biology, biotechnology and synthetic biology. We start with an input/output approach to biological systems, then explain where biological molecules come from and how they are formed, what they look like and how they perform such a wide variety of functions. We then see how these very same properties of native cell function allow us to probe, manipulate, and modify cell function. With this core knowledge in hand, we’ll discuss state of the art industry applications, such as the ability of biological systems to produce a vast variety of chemicals including fuels, biomaterials, food and drugs and what modern methods are used for the manipulation of biological systems. We will discuss the start-up and industry landscape and review the latest technologies coming to market.

The Seminar on Synthetic Biology is taught by John Cumbers, the founder of SynBioBeta, which organizes conferences, a news digest, educational courses and events for the synthetic biology industry. John is passionate about the use and adoption of biological technologies and has received multiple awards and grants from NASA and the National Academy of Sciences for his work in the field. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry from Brown University, a MSc in Bioinformatics from Edinburgh University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Hull in Computer Science with Information Engineering.

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