Songsalive! Welcomes Guest Speakers for Our Workshops

Songsalive!, the largest non-profit supporting songwriters and composers around the globe is looking for great speakers to join our new speakers bureau and invite our past speakers back to speak at a 2016 Songsalive! Songwriting Workshop. We already have some of the best in the industry who have joined our community and inspired our members. You can read our past speakers at

As a speaker at a Songsalive! Workshop you have the opportunity to listen to brand new songs by our songwriter members, give them your constructive feedback (critique) and then talk about a topic of your choice, relevant for songwriters and composers, for an hour (that part also includes question time). The whole time takes about 2 to 3 hours.

We have Songsalive! Chapters conducting Songwriting Workshops in Los Angeles CA / New York NY / Long Island NY / Chicago IL / Orange County CA / Northern CA (combined former Grass Valley & San Francisco chapters).

All these Chapters welcome Industry guests who can come speak at our workshops. Information about the workshop venue, location and other cool bits on our Chapters page, and Dates are on our Events page.


1. You don't have other free speaking engagements with similar songwriting groups 1 week before and after that time. Your own classes are excluded.

2. You offer your services for free (lovely donation to our non-profit educational organization). Unfortunately we are not in a position to pay our speakers. We've yet to work out how we can pay our own staff and coordinators! You can, however, sell product and services at the workshop though.

3. You can come up with a topic that is informative, educational AND interactive with our songwriter and composers participants. i.e must be songwriter or songwriter business-centric.

4. You need to be able to get yourself to the chapter yourself (see 2.)

5. You are open to us filming you to offer your talk to our members within our online backstage (only).

In return you get to find a new audience for your products and services; have a warm and fuzzy feeling that you've supported songwriters in their educational growth; and become part of an every growing songwriters community.

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