2019-20 TAMUK Bands/Orchestra Audition Form
This form must be completed by MONDAY, AUGUST 5, 2019. Please read ALL information before completing the form.

Tentative Audition Schedule (Times will be posted on the music building Facebook group)

Thursday 8/15: Flutes (During Band Camp)

Friday 8/16: Trumpets (During Band Camp)

Saturday 8/17: Trombones (During Band Camp)

Sunday 8/18: Saxophones (During Band Camp)

Tuesday 8/20: Percussion, Horns, Tuba/Euph, Double Reeds, Alternate Auditions/Non-Marching Band members

WEDNESDAY 8/21: Clarinets (During Band Camp) **Revised**

Instrumental Major Ensembles:
Wind Symphony (Full Year) - Fall TR 3:30-5:20, Spring TBA

Kingsville Symphony Orchestra (Full Year) - Fall MWF 12-12:50, Spring TBA

Javelina Marching Band (Fall) MWF 4-6

Concert Band - Fall MWF 11-11:50, Spring TBA

University Band - Fall MWF 3-3:50 -

University Band I “Blue Band” - Spring only

University Band II “Gold Band” - Spring only

For information on choral opportunities, please contact Dr. Ken Williams: kenneth.williams@tamuk.edu

Auditions Policy and Procedure:
All winds/brass/percussion auditions will take place during marching band camp (prior to the first day of classes). Non-marching band members will have the option of attending the scheduled auditions during camp, or an alternate audition block on Monday before the first class day.

1. Students will be placed by the ensemble directors, based on blind auditions
2. Students may indicate on the audition form their ensemble preference, which may be considered in the event of a tie, and/or based on the needs of the ensembles.
3. All ensembles will be placed for the entire academic year (i.e. Wind Symphony, Spring Blue Band, etc.) Ensemble directors have the discretion to re-audition at any time, based on personnel changes, repertoire demands, poor performance, or other factors.
4. Students may elect to play in more than one ensemble, subject to approval by the ensemble directors and advisor/applied teacher, and contingent on satisfactory academic standing in music courses. **Certain exceptions may be made to facilitate instrumentation needs.
5. By holding all auditions prior to the start of fall classes, students will be able to register accordingly, for both semesters, thus eliminating delays in instruction and complex scheduling changes during the first two weeks each semester.

Audition Requirements:
1. Two major scales (chosen from all keys)
2. Prepared solo of your choice demonstrating your highest level of musicianship and technique (2-3 minutes max, contrasting sections recommended to show lyrical and technical playing) - Something you have already polished, so we can hear your potential. This should be on marimba for percussionists.  
3. Sight-reading, which will be heavily weighted. Percussion will consist of a snare excerpt and brief bass drum/crash cymbal demonstration. PERCUSSIONISTS INTERESTED IN AUDITIONING FOR PRINCIPAL TIMPANI IN ORCHESTRA, PLEASE PREPARE AN ADDITIONAL SOLO OF YOUR CHOICE ON TIMPANI.

*Certain adjustments may be made to these audition requirements to meet specific studio needs. Students will be notified in advance of any adjustments.

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August auditions will determine your ensemble placement(s) for the entire 2019-20 year. Are you auditioning for Fall/Spring Ensemble Placement or Spring Only? Note that Wind Symphony and Orchestra are full-year groups which require Fall and Spring membership. *
Auditions will take place during Marching Band Camp in August as listed above. For non-marching band members, you may audition during camp, or during the alternate audition block Tuesday, August 20th. Select from the following options. *
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