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As part of Next Wave's mission to drive diversity in angel investing, we are building an entrepreneur friendly directory of funders in this space that will allow us to map out impact funders by the stage of the companies they invest in, as well as by sector, geography, gender lens, and more. In addition to helping funders build relationships across the ecosystem, this collaborative effort will allow entrepreneurs to be more efficient in their funding searches, which means they can spend more time on scaling their companies and their impact. We hope that will you join us!

Primary goals/outcomes:

Overall we want to build stronger relationships across the Impact funding landscape to identify synergies in our efforts to collaborate and to support promising Impact startups to achieve success. Specifics include:

1) Meet and learn more about different funders by sectors/geography/stage/other screens

2) Start building stronger relationships across funding landscape

3) Build shared understanding of language for impact investing

4) End meeting with solid progress on developing the impact landscape map that has been contributed to by everyone in the room.

5) Present findings at the Angel Capital Association's annual summit the following day

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