Fairfield Community Schools is planning for the last day of school to be Wednesday, May 29, 2019. This is best for high school teachers to have time to finalize grades for graduation on June 3rd and for all Fairfield families to maximize summer activities.

Because of our 6 cancelled school days, we will be making up one snow day by assigning an eLearning day on a Saturday in March in order to finish school on May 29th. Students will receive assignments for the eLearning day by 8:00 am on the eLearning Saturday and all assignments will be due the following Friday. More information about the Saturday eLearning will be communicated soon.

We are looking for feedback from staff, parents, and community about moving to eLearning on future cancellations for inclement weather to avoid going beyond May 29th. Please complete the following survey by Friday, February 15.

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Are you in favor of eLearning days as an alternate plan for cancelled school days due to inclement weather?
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What questions do you have regarding eLearning at Fairfield Community Schools?
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