This is an initiative aimed at addressing the economic and housing problem of the average Nigerian through collaboration, networking and synergy using real estate investment as the main vehicle driven towards the attainment of financial freedom and at least a home for each and every of our members.

PERFECTION REAL ESTATE INVESTORS COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD an independent membership based real estate club whose sole purpose is wealth creation through real estate investment for the benefit of members.

Our CORE PURPOSE is to EMPOWER people financially and provide SOLUTIONS to the real human problems in the real estate sector of our economy while our ULTIMATE GOAL is financial freedom for each and every member through real estate wealth.

We are on a rescue mission to make HOME OWNERSHIP and PARTICIPATION IN THE REAL ESTATE SECTOR of our economy more accessible to Nigerians.

Our 5 year financial goal from January 1st, 2018 is to have grown our total real estate wealth to FIFTY BILLION NAIRA by 31st December, 2022 and float a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Company that will be quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

1. Real Estate Income Opportunities:
Aimed at encouraging the average income earner in Nigeria to become a real estate investor towards the attainment of financial freedom through real estate wealth.

2. Home Ownership Schemes:
Aimed at making it as easy as possible for each and every of our members become home owners.

3. Land Investment Offers:
Aimed at encouraging land banking among our members towards developing a secured future economy and generational wealth transfer.

4. Ambassadorship:
Aimed at the creation, distribution and redistribution of our common wealth within our members who took it upon themselves to spread the news about us within their own sphere of influence.

5. Real Estate Wealth Academy:
Aimed at educating and re-orientating the mindset of members towards wealth creation through real estate investing.

• Passive income on Ordinary Investment every quarter (3 months).
• Fix interest plus share of profit from special real estate investment bi-annually (every 6 months).
• Opportunity to acquire and own properties of your own with absolute ease.
• Fantastic discount on purchase of land and housing.
• Loan to meet personal/business needs
• Financial support for members with supply contracts from reputable corporate organizations.
• Financial support to buy or build your dream home
• Real estate education and counselling
• Listing of your business on our marketing portal to other members
• So much more…

Our office contact:
1, Bola Street, opposite King Solomon Hospital, Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria.

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