Senior Fellow application for Democracy Summer MD 2019 Deadline Sun 3/31 10 PM
This is the application for a Senior Fellow position for Democracy Summer 2019. If you are looking for the Fellow application, please go to

Read the following directions carefully.

The deadline for this application is Sun March 31 10 PM EDT

Senior Fellows are paid as staff of the program, and help manage Fellows during group work, field work, and other activities. They aid in the logistical preparation for programming, fundraising, transportation, staffing of elected officials (attending to them, transporting them, and keeping them on schedule while upholding the highest standards of professionalism), and supervision of Democracy Summer Fellows. Senior Fellows report to the regional director(s) for their city, who in turn report to the national director.

Senior Fellows are paid a stipend to be disbursed in at least two installments over the course of the summer. The amount of that stipend totals $3000.

Senior Fellows are expected to work at least an hour before Fellows arrive and an hour after they leave during weekdays. Their hours can be highly variable. They often are called upon to drive to canvasses and other events, though driving is not a job requirement.

The application questions that follow are intended to help us get a better sense of what prior political experience and contributions to the Democracy Summer program you have made, why you're passionate about our mission of mobilizing the future and training the next generation of progressive leaders and organizers, and about your schedule availability and why you think this is the best way for you to contribute to advancing progressive causes in 2019.

Democracy Summer 2019 includes 2 five and a half week sessions (May 29-July 5; July 10-Aug 16 are DMV dates for Fellows). Senior Fellows will be expected to work starting Mon 5/20 and ending Fri 8/23. Please email with questions about this schedule requirement. Work weeks are an estimated 40 paid work hours over 6 days (plus one unpaid lunch hour five days a week).

We are committed to reflecting the rich diversity of our American communities and creating a rewarding and inclusive environment that exemplifies the broad movement we wish to create. We encourage individuals of all backgrounds to apply.

Please contact with any questions about this application or the Senior Fellow position(s) and responsibilities.

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Please list names, affiliation, email, and phone number of two references who either supervised you or worked with you in an educational or professional capacity either at school, work, a charitable organization, or another campaign. *
Are you willing to commit 40 hours/week to this position? Please note that weekly program includes time in the evening and on at least one weekend day per week. It is highly likely you will spend time on at least one day every weekend during the 12 program weeks working. *
Session 1 will run May 29-July 5; Session 2 will run July 10-Aug 16 in the DMV area (office likely in Silver Spring). Are you available for both sessions? *
Senior Fellows will be expected to work starting Mon 5/20 and ending Fri 8/23. Are you able to work during those two weeks before and after session 1 and two, respectively? There is a four day break 7/6-7/9. Can you commit to not going on long term (>3 day long) vacations between the dates above? Doesn't apply to cases of emergency. Explain below. *
Please list any extended periods or recurring dates or times of day that you will NOT be able to participate in the program. *
If our office is in Downtown Silver Spring, MD near public parking and walking distance to the Metro, how would you get to and from our campaign office daily? (That's where it's likely to be.) *
Please upload PDF of resume and cover letter. This can be a combined document or two separate documents. NOTE: Please INCLUDE YOUR NAME in PDF document name (e.g. Barack Obama_resume_democracy summer 2019) *
Write 2 paragraphs about why you want to be a Senior Fellow, focusing on what you want to get out of it beyond what you would get out of doing Democracy Summer as a regular Fellow. *
Tell us something interesting or unique about you and how that might contribute to Democracy Summer, its work, and its community of ideas. *
Thanks for applying!
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