Good Producer Program: Young Producer Sign Up
Hello incredible human,

You have made it to a huge step in your journey as a musician, asking for help.

We are Boredomfighters, and we help people harness the music.

The Good Producer Program was created to help connect:

A) young producers who have been recognized for their talent in musical expression


B) professional producers

to help mentor them on their journey through a life in music.

This program was developed to provide free mentorship to low-income kids who get inspired by our workshops, and has recently opened up to a paid model to help pay our mentor base and offset costs for providing free mentorships.

If your family can afford to pay for workshops, know that every time we get a paid gig it helps us add another free one and add more mentors to our roster!

Step 1: You fill out this application.

Step 2. You get to choose from our selection of diverse and highly-vetted producers based on the type of music they make for a 1 hour Zoom introductory session.

The times they have made themselves available for the program will be available for you to select and reserve from.

Once you get through your introductory session, you can choose your monthly Zoom session time and schedule a consistent schedule with that producer, or choose to work with other producers (based on availability)

If you are accepted in the program and there are no producers available OR if you aren't accepted into the program, you will be allowed to build a profile with us anyways, and get in line. As we bring on more professional mentors (and we will), they will start off with kids who have already applied based on their musical interest and time of sign up.

1 Hour Session over Zoom - $75
1 Hour Session in Studio at Deeply Rooted Music School in Arvada - $150

Thanks for applying and supporting our mission to #helpkidsmakebeats!
We'll see you in the studio soon enough.

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