Jazz London Radio survey
Jazz London Radio has been broadcasting since June 2014. We would like to ask you a series of questions. Please answer as many as you are able to and many thanks for participating in the JLR survey
How did you hear about Jazz London Radio *
What do you think of the content of the station *
How do you listen to Jazz London Radio? To gauge how you access available high sound quality of station *
Which of the following types of jazz are you most interested in (you can choose more than one) *
Which of the shows do you enjoy most on JLR? *
Your Favourite Presenter show? *
Which region do you reside within the UK
If you reside in the UK, which station do you listen to for your source of jazz music and which programme? It can be a local FM, DAB or online station or national station
If you reside outside of the UK, which region do you reside and listen to JLR?
Which overseas jazz stations do you listen to online or via satellite If you are content you can indicate name of station in Other
What is your favourite type of venue for jazz
How often do you attend a live Jazz performance?
Which of the following Jazz magazines do you regularly read
What is your gender?
What is your age group?
How would you describe your ethnic origin? To help get an idea of demographics who listen to jazz in the UK. You can add more detail if you wish in Other
If you have any comments or suggestions about the station, please state here
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