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East Kootenay Columbia Community Investment Co-op
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About The Co-op
The East Kootenay Columbia Community Investment Co-op (the Investment Co-op) is an organization made of community-minded members who have diversified a portion of their investment portfolios into local businesses and projects. Membership in the Investment Co-op is open and voluntary, member-owned, locally controlled and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Investment Co-op works to create a more vibrant regional economy by investing for impact in local businesses and projects. We finance businesses located within the East Kootenay Columbia, which includes the following four sub-regions and their surrounding communities: Elk Valley, Cranbrook & Kimberley, Columbia Valley & Golden, and Revelstoke.
How It Works
Pooling Our Capital
Members of the Investment Co-op pool their money together to directly support businesses in their communities that are making an impact.

Financing Local Businesses
Businesses within the East Kootenay Columbia region can apply for financing that works for their unique needs. Approved applicants receive business development guidance, collaborative financing and ongoing support.

Partnering for Success
The Investment Co-op leverages its members’ investments with traditional financial institutions to provide local businesses with the capital they need to grow.

Creating Community Impact
The Investment Co-op directs capital into local businesses that provide economic, social, environmental and community impacts. We believe in doing good while making a profit.
Membership In The Co-op
To become a member of the East Kootenay Columbia Community Investment Co-op, a person must submit the membership application form below and purchase one membership share for $500. Members of the Investment Co-op are:
• individuals or Canadian controlled corporations, governments or First Nations
• encouraged, but not required, to purchase additional membership shares to contribute to investments into local businesses
• willing to share in the risks and rewards of the local investment portfolio. If profits are realized, surplus funds are paid out as dividends on membership shares. There is no guarantee on investments.
• invited to all general meetings of the Association
• entitled to one vote in the governance of the Investment Co-op, no matter how many membership shares they own
• encouraged to contribute their expertise by sitting on the Board, various committees or by mentoring a business which has received a loan from the Investment Co-op
Further Details
• Due-diligence on all investments are completed in partnership by local Investment Committees and one of the regional Community Futures Development Corporations Loans Analysts
• Relevant documents, including the Investment Co-op’s Memorandum of Association and Rules, are available for viewing at the Co-op’s registered office or digitally upon request
• Oversight of the management and business of the Investment Co-op is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, democratically elected by the membership at each AGM
• Membership shares in the Investment Co-op may be redeemed in accordance with the Co-op’s Rules and subject to the restrictions set out in the BC Co-operative Association Act
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