Run ZWEIHANDER RPG With Us At Gen Con 2020!
Grim & Perilous will be hosting the official launch for ZWEIHANDER RPG Organized Play at Gen Con 2020! This will be an exclusive, single-room interactive experience for fans of dark fantasy over three days with the creators of the game. Hosted by Grim & Perilous's principle Adam J. Rose and Daniel D. Fox, creator of ZWEIHANDER RPG, this experience will feature rules developers, designers and play testers from Grim & Perilous Studios. Guest GMs include lead playtester Mike 'The Boss' Bossaller, Zweihänder Twitch director Matt Jowett, Editor Jen Ford, Twitch community manager Kay Peek, Jason Birch, Jeremy Jones and many, many others!

We are scouting for Gamemasters to run adventures with us at Gen Con on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We have many time slots open. However, if you commit to three time slots or more, Gen Con will comp you a GM Badge. Plus, we will send you a free physical copy of ZWEIHANDER RPG: Player's Handbook after the show. We may even have special ZWEIHANDER RPG goodies to give away to Gamemasters at the show!

All material required for gameplay will be digitally sent to you two weeks in advance before the show. Plus, we will invite you to a private channel where you can interact with other GMs who're running ZWEIHANDER RPG at the show.

Simply submit your information below, and we will handle scheduling and do all the hard work for you. For any additional questions about the ZWEIHANDER RPG Organized Play program, please reach out on our Discord in #organized-play-chat:
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