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We are working on a website to promote Caribbean culture and communities in Scotland. If you’d like to be included, please provide the information below.

This is currently free and will remain so for small organisations/businesses employing less than 10 people. Our plans for the website and Newsletter are to have monthly highlights on artists, organisations and events in Scotland.

You can view examples of an Organisation Profile on the Community Page.  

By filling out this form you agree to the Edinburgh Caribbean Association and website builder (Jeda Lewis) holding the data you provide. Data provided through this form will be made public on except your email address (unless permission is given on the form below). We may highlight your profile in our newsletter.

By "Scottish Caribbean" we include people born or based in Scotland with Caribbean heritage and/or people from the Caribbean now living in Scotland. For your business or organisation be eligible it must be run by at least one person with Caribbean heritage, or have them in a leadership role.

ACCESS: You can send us audio responses or request reader/scribe assistance via email 

Profiles may take 3-4 weeks to be added.

IMAGES: Please email square images up to 1080 x 1080 pixels: 
  1. Your logo or a headshot photo of you
  2. Up to 5 images of your work (optional) 
You can provide image descriptions (alt text) below. Thank you!

This form is for organisation and business profiles.
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Tell us about the kind your work and wider organisation or business, where we can find your work. See an example here:
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Image descriptions - please email 1 profile image or logo + up to 5 images of your work and provide the Alt text for them here
Alt text makes your content more accessible to disabled people. Examples: 'Person smiling at camera wearing headscarf' or 'A Black person with dark-brown skin stands by a tree. She/he/they have shoulder-length black hair in twists and is wearing a blue patterned top.' See this guide to writing alt text.
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