Covid-19 Impact: Winery Survey III
Our champions in Congress and the Administration are asking for new, up-to-date information about the Covid-19 crisis economic impact on wineries so they can advocate for the things we need. Specifically, they want to know about lost sales, increased costs, and employee impact as they try to get delays in excise tax payments and adjustments to financial relief programs. Your quick response to this brief survey is vital

WineAmerica, the national association of American wineries, is working with Congress and the Administration on various measures to lessen the negative impact of the Coronavirus crisis on the American wine industry. Congress has already begun working on a Phase 4 financial package, probably aimed in part at small businesses and employees, and we expect a bill to be introduced later this month. Having sound, reality-based data is vital to our efforts to advocate for the industry, and to ensuring the support of our Congressional supporters. Additionally, we are asking TTB to extend their federal excise tax deferral through the end of the year.

This brief survey is being sent to all wineries in the country, and we strongly encourage you to participate so we have the most complete data possible. Our last survey got responses from over 700 wineries in 45 states, and we hope to exceed that with this one. We are asking for contact information in case there is a need to follow up. However, no individual winery information will be shared beyond WineAmerica staff, and all responses will be aggregated in any public document.

This survey contains three main sections: General Information, Covid-19 Crisis Impact, and Government Actions. Please note that we are trying to assess the impact for the month of May (from May 1 to May 31), so we can have the most recent month's worth of data available. Any questions about the survey may be directed to WineAmerica President Jim Trezise (

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. It’s important for everyone in this industry.

General Information
Winery Name *
State *
AVA (if applicable)
Your Name *
Your Email *
Your Phone
Average Annual Wine Production (cases) *
Average Annual Wine Sales *
Pre-Covid Normal Number of Employees (Full-Time Equivalent, Including Seasonal) *
Normal Number of Annual Visitors *
Covid-19 Economic Impact, May 1 - May 31
Based on prior years, or 2020 projections prior to the virus crisis, how many visitors did you EXPECT to see in May? *
How many visitors did you ACTUALLY see during May? *
Have you cancelled winery-specific or wine trail events during May, and if so how many? (If none, enter 0) *
Have one or more levels of government recommended or required that you reduce or cease operations for a period of time, including part or all of May? (Check all that apply) *
Has your production stopped? *
Has your production slowed? *
During the Covid period (including May), how many employees (FTE) did you need to lay off, temporarily or permanently because of the Coronavirus? *
During this period, what percentage of sales have you lost in your tasting rooms? *
During this period, by what percentage did Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) sales increase or decrease? (enter 0 if no change, or enter an integer percentage for a change, e.g. if your DtC sales fell 20%, enter -20, if they rose by 120% enter 120) *
What percentage of wholesale sales (destined for off- and on-premise accounts) did you gain or lose in May compared with projections or the same period in the prior year? See above question for entry instructions. *
Did you utilize any of the following marketing strategies to try and make up for losses? (Check all that apply) *
During May, how much in unanticipated expenses have you incurred for things like hand sanitizers, cleaning services, and other products or services that are not part of normal operations? *
Combining your lost sales and unanticipated expenses during May, what has been the total financial loss?" *
If the current situation continues through the end of June, how much do you anticipate for that month alone in terms of lost sales? *
If the current situation continues through the end of June, how much do you anticipate for that month alone in terms of greater expenses? *
If the current situation continues through the end of June, how much do you anticipate for that month alone in terms of total financial impact? *
If the current situation continues through the end of June, how many weeks do you feel it would take you to return to normal business in terms of employees, visitors, sales, and other factors?
Government Actions and Opportunities
The $2.2 trillion CARES Act contains several programs to help employees and small businesses, including wineries, through various grant and loan programs (the WineAmerica website has more detailed information about them). Have you applied for any of the following? Check all that apply: *
If you applied for any of the assistance programs below, have you been approved?
Paycheck Protection Program
Clear selection
Economic Injury Disaster Loan
Clear selection
USDA Disaster Loan
Clear selection
Do you think that there should be changes made to the existing assistance programs? Check those that apply.
If you have laid off any employees, do you know if they have filed for Unemployment Insurance?
Clear selection
Do you feel that, so far, the federal government has been helpful in terms of mitigating the economic impact of this crisis? *
Do you feel that, so far, your state government has been supportive of your industry through measures such as defining the wine industry as “essential”, allowing new or relaxed marketing and distribution services such as curbside pick-up, home delivery, etc.? *
Has your winery tasting room re-opened in a limited capacity? *
If so, when?
Have you adopted specific guidelines or best practices for reopening that are public? *
Have you incurred unforeseen expenses with re-opening?
Clear selection
If so, how much?
If so, for what?
What other measures do you feel state or local governments could take to help the wine industry?
What questions should WineAmerica include on future surveys regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the wine industry?
What else can WineAmerica do to help you?
Thank you! Stay Safe!
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