Beautiful World Tour
Join a global tour for the exhibition of an innovative Goals Model and a Goals Sport. The sport is played to orientate action leading to the attainment of specific goals. The model and sport explain achievement behaviour and are used for entertainment, teaching, research, training & mobilization. They will boost the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). This registration will help to identify entities who are fascinated in the idea of the tour.
Highlights of the exhibition tour for the model and sport include the following.
1. Live performance of the Goals Model and Goals Sport by individuals and teams
2. A knowledge centric Reality TV show based on the Goals Model and Goals Sport
3. A food and music festival of admirers of the model, sport and a Beautiful World
4. The exhibition will hold in an indoor or outdoor arena in June, July or August 2020
5. The tour will visit the 36 big economies of G20, BRICS, Next 11 and other groupings.
6. An Expo will be hosted for businesses that wish to network based on the novelty
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The Beautiful World Tour will cover the G20, BRICS, Next 11 and other countries. During the tour, participants will undertake numerous activities
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Activities for the tour include: (1) Live exhibition of a Goals Model and Goals Sport by teams (2) A music, food and arts Festival (3) A TV Reality Show.
The Goals Model is a framework embodying desired goals, obstacles and deployable resources. It is validated practically using the innovative Goals Sport. The focus of the model and sport to reach specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound goals
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The live exhibition of the model and sport will hold in an outdoor arena, while some events like Goals Challenge will hold indoor
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The music, food and arts festival will hold outdoors with top artists performing. Speakers from business, government, community, women, youth, civil society entities etc, will speak on wide ranging issues relating to goals and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
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A Reality TV show will be organized organized in which participants will deploy the Goals Model to addressing societal challenges. The focus of the show is to task participant ability to translate their life goals into reality while navigating the obstacles they will encounter along the way including those that will be imposed by the organizers. Housemates will in addition use the show to raise resources to actualize their goals. The show will be highly educational, entrepreneurial and entertaining hence will be involved. It will be broadcast live across the globe.
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A business expo will be hosted outside the venue for the exhibition of the model and sport. This will enable exhibitors to take advantage of the thousands of fans and others who will attend the festival and exhibition
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The Goals Model and Beautiful Sport were presented at the FISU World Conference and 29th Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 5-7 March 2019.
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Watch a China TV interview on the Goals Sport at the United Nations at
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