Craftadia Staff Application
We are very particular with who we bring on the team to represent Craftadia. Please be as open and honest with your answers as possible. Not every application will receive a response, those who are accepted to the next stage will receive a message via Discord. Applicants will typically need to be 16+, sometimes there may be an exception to this.
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First up, what's your in-game Minecraft name? *
What is your Discord ID? *
Names aside now, how old are you? *
What country and time zone are you from? *
What days and times are you available to be online? *
Have you ever been punished on Craftadia? *
Do you have a working microphone? - We require staff to have the ability to use their microphone over Discord to participate in team meetings and events. *
What previous experience, if any, do you have as a Staff member? - Please give as much detail as you can about previous duties and roles.
Why do you want to become a staff member? - What is your motivation? Why would you be an excellent member on our team?
Anything else we should know? Tell us about yourself! - We love hearing awesome stories and background information. Give us a first time introduction if you'd like!
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