TLN Prospect Ranking
Below is a list of players on the Leafs reserve list who are either 23 and under have played fewer than 82 games in the NHL. This is our imperfect definition of "prospect".

There are two parts to this survey. The first one is asking you to grade each prospect on A-F scale (A being the best, duh), and it also asks you to identify how soon you'd expect that player to be ready for a job in the NHL. This part is completely optional.

The second part is asking to rank the prospects from 1-20. Write in the name of one of prospects in each space available. The prospects eligible are the names listed in the first section. Notable exclusions from eligibility are Korshkov, Barabanov, Lehtonen, Hoefenmayer, Brazeau, Kivihalme, and Brooks. Players with over 82 games played in the NHL are also exempt, so no Matthews, Marner, Malgin, etc.

This survey will remain open until November 27th, and we will share the TLN reader results later in the countdown process.
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Select a grade for each prospect, and how many years until you think they'll be ready for the NHL.
0-1 years
1-2 years
2-4 years
5+ years
Mikhail Abramov
Nick Abruzzese
Artur Akhtiamov
Rodion Amirov
Joey Anderson
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev
John Fusco
James Greenway
Filip Hallander
Roni Hirvonen
Mac Hollowell
Pontus Holmberg
Vladislav Kara
Semyon Kizimov
Mikko Kokkonen
Mike Koster
Filip Kral
Timothy Liljegren
Kalle Loponen
Veeti Miettinen
Joe Miller
Topi Niemela
Ryan O'Connell
Dmitri Ovchinnkov
Eemeli Rasanen
Axel Rindell
Nick Robertson
Kristians Rubins
Rasmus Sandin
Wyatt Schingoethe
Ian Scott
Ryan Tverberg
William Villeneuve
Joseph Woll
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