Focus on Food Cooking Skills

Checklist for Primary Schools
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    Knife Skills

    Weighing and Measuring

    1. Using measuring spoons and cups
    2. Using a jug to measure liquids
    3. Using a balance scales
    4. Using digital or spring balance scales
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    1. 'Bridge' knife technique - soft foods e.g. strawberry, cherry tomato
    2. 'Bridge' knife technique - harder foods e.g. apple
    3. 'Claw' knife technique - soft foods e.g. cucumber
    4. 'Claw' knife technique - hard foods e.g. carrot 
    5. Simple combination of 'Bridge' and 'Claw' e.g. onion 
    6. Snipping herbs in a jug using scissors
    7. 'Hedghogging' a mango
    8. Peeling soft vegetables e.g. courgette 
    9. Fork secure peeling e.g. carrot (with or without 'Fork Secure' )
    10. Grating soft foods e.g. courgette, cheese
    11. Grating harder foods e.g carrots, apple 
    12. Finer grating e.g. Parmesan cheese, nutmeg
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    Baking Skills

    1. Sieving flour
    2. Cutting fat into flour
    3. Cracking an egg
    4. Separating an egg
    5. Beating an egg
    6. Rubbing fat into flour
    7. Adding liquid to flour
    8. All in one cake mixing 
    9. Creaming fat and sugar
    10. Folding flour into creamed mixture
    11. Scraping out a bowl with spatula 
    12. Dividing mixture into tins e.g. muffins
    13. Mixing to form a bread dough
    14. Kneading
    15. Shaping e.g. bread rolls
    16. Handling and folding filo pastry
    17. Handling and rolling puff pastry
    18. Handling and rolling shortcrust pastry
    19. Cutting out rolled pastry
    20. Glazing e.g. brushing with egg,milk,oil
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    Other Skills

    1. Tearing e.g. herbs
    2. Crumbling cheese e.g. feta cheese
    3. Arranging ingredients / toppings 
    4. Spreading with the back of a spoon e.g. pizza topping
    5. Spreading with a table knife.g. butter
    6. Scooping
    7. Mashing
    8. Crushing garlic
    9. Using lemon squeezer
    10. Beating ingredients together e.g salad dressing
    11. Shaping e.g. fishcakes/burgers
    12. Coating with egg and breadcrumbs
    13. Using the hob (only with adult supervision) e.g. to sweat veg for soup
    14. Whisking e.g. egg whites or cream
    15. Shelling a hardboiled egg
    16. Knowing kitchen rules
    17. Know where food comes from
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